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Pastime Gardens

2014, Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes. Recorded by Matt Riley. Mixed and mastered by Shimby McCreery

Singles & EPs


2014, Tripp Tapes. Recorded by Slushy.

Candy b/w Pocket 7″

2013, Randy Records. Recorded by Randy. Mixed by Joe Montanaro.

Five Little Leaves

2013, Tripp Tapes. Recorded and mixed by Shimby McCreery.

All The Rad Dudes

2012, Manic Static. Recorded by Slushy.


2011, Self-released. 19 tracks over 3 CDRs. Recorded by Slushy. “Margo”, “Elephant”, “Baby with the Big Tape Head”, and “I Just Wanna Be a Baby” by M.W. Epstein.


Gnar FM 3

2016. Track: “Getting Out”. Recorded by Slushy.

Some Weird Sin Vol 1

2016. Track: “I Wanna Walk With You”. Recorded by Slushy. Drums by S. Mentzer.

Dumpster Tapes Monster Compilation Vol I.

2015. Track: “Up In The Air”. Recorded by Slushy.

Why Pick on Me? Vol 2

2013. Track: “Montanaro”. Recorded by Slushy.

Tuff & Rumble Vol 1

2013. Track: “Sweet Potato”. Recorded by Slushy.

Manic Static Mix “No.1”

2012. Track: “Baby With The Big Tape Head”. Recorded by Slushy.