Introducing The Lemons!

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The Lemons, a new Chicago pop super group featuring one or sometimes both members of Slushy, plus the brains behind Today’s Hits, SkyMaul, Hollow Mountain and Boshus, just dropped their debut full-length, “Hello, We’re The Lemons”. If you like the sunny pop sensibilities of Slushy, the stripped down songwriting of Today’s Hits, and hooks in general, you’re gonna love this tape.

Here’s what local blog/tastemakers Why Pick on Me have to say about it:

Hello, We’re The Lemons is in the running for Most Charming Chicago Release of 2013. Not only are the songs cute, funny, weird and quirky…they’re also expertly recorded (and I mean that in the most DIY/lo-fi way possible) and instantly memorable.

See The Lemons this Saturday (Nov 9) at Bric-A-Brac Records with Guantanamo Baywatch, and later the same day at Subterranean with Nobunny!