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Past Shows

May 27 Des Moines, IA @ Forrest’s House

May 26 St. Louis, MO @ Kelly’s House

May 25 Bowling Green, KY @ Tidballs

May 24 Cincinnati, OH @ Junker’s Tavern

May 23 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar

May 22 Columbus, OH @ Dirty Dungarees

May 21 Columbus, OH @ Cafe Bourbon Street

May 20 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes

May 19 Fort Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail

May 18 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records

May 17 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local

May 16 Superior, WI @ Arco Coffee Factory

May 15 Minneapolis, MN @ Palmer’s Bar

May 14 Mankato, MN @ The Coffee Hag

May 13 Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag

May 11 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge

May 10 Tulsa, OK @ The Colony

May 9 Denton, TX @ Backyard on Bell

May 8 Amarillo, TX @ 806 Coffee Lounge

May 7 Albuquerque, NM @ High and Dry

May 6 Phoenix, AZ @ The Lunchbox

May 4 Fullerton, CA @ Burger Records

May 3 Cupertino, CA @ Homestead Bowl

May 2 Oakland, CA @ Elbo Room

May 1 San Francisco, CA @ Milk Bar

April 30 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Slodoco Donuts

April 29 Los Angeles, CA @ Redwood Bar

April 27 Salt Lake City, UT @ Diabolical Records

April 26 Denver, CO @ Tandem Bar

April 24 Omaha, NE @ Envy Burrito

April 14 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Gymshorts, Big Surf Wave Pool

March 24 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ BBQT, Big Surf Wave Pool

March 18 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Nox Boys

March 15 Chicago, IL @ Calwaukee North w/ Clickbait, The Jollys, Les Strychnine, Ovef Ow

January 29 Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village w/ The Medium, The Voluptuals

January 10 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Cave Curse, Pamphleteers, The Pylons

2018 (35)

December 4 Fort Wayne, IN @ The Brass Rail w/ Gymshorts, The Meat Flowers

December 3 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Gymshorts, Cam’s Jams

October 18 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington w/ Amy Rigby, Hawley

September 27 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Cigarette Bums, Rotten Mangoes, Peach Fuzz

September 24 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Jared Andrews

September 17 Brighton, UK @ The Hope & Ruin w/ Nobunny, Young Francis,

September 16 London, UK @ Nambucca w/ Nobunny, Johnny Throttle, Suicide Generation

September 12 Annecy, FR @ Bistro des Tilleuls w/ Nobunny

September 11 Kreuzlingen, CH @ Horst w/ Nobunny

September 10 Freiburg, DE @ Cafe Atlantik w/ Nobunny, The Roves

September 9 Zurich, CH @ Kon-Tiki Bar w/ Nobunny

September 7 Terranuova Bracciolni, IT @ Betabar w/ Nobunny

September 6 Munich, DE @ Kafe Kult w/ Nobunnys, GRGR

September 5 Halle, DE @ Huhnermanhatten w/ Nobunny, Nunofyrbeeswax

September 4 Berlin, DE @ Cortina Bob w/ Nobunny

September 2 Utrecht, ND @ DB’s w/ Nobunny

September 1 Hamburg, DE @ Get Lost Fest 6 Harbor Cruise w/ Miss Chain & The Broken Heels

August 31 Gothenburg, SW @ Musiken Hus w/ Nobunny, Poppets, Mannquins, etc

August 30 Stockholm, SW @ Vieille Montagne w/ Nobunny, Mannequins

August 29 Malmo, SW @ Plan B w/ Nobunny

August 28 Figuiera da Foz, PT @ Gliding Barnacles w/ Nobunny, Vaiapraia E As Rainhas Do Baile

August 24 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ NOBUNNY, The Spectres, Wet Wallet

August 15 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Wet Wallet, Wood Chickens, Leche

August 12 Willimantic, CT @ Willimantic Records w/ Brent Stroud & Dr. Martino

August 3 Pittsfield, MA @ Lichtenstein Center for Arts w/ Bridge of Flowers, Creative Healing, Wes Buckley

August 1 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s w/ T-Rextasy

July 15 Chicago, IL @ Slippery Slope w/ Speed Babes & Casual Hex

June 16 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ Daniel Case, James Swanberg’s Sh?tty Beatles & Shazmatic

June 16 Chicago, IL @ Bric-a-Brac Records w/ Glyders, Startropics, Wyd & Ovef Ow

April 28 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ The Yolks, Easy Habits

April 13 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington w/ Wreckless Eric, James Deia

March 2 Chicago, IL @ 2040 w/ Cold Beaches, Ex Okays, My Bad

February 23 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Son of a Gun, Lifters, Gal Gun

February 14 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ Easy Habits, The Lizzies, Stuyedeyed

January 26 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s Bar w/ American Breakfast

2017 (53)

December 26 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ The Mellvins, Sean Green

November 28 Ft. Wayne, IN @ Brass Rail w/ Trophy Club, Fresh Tar

November 27 Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes w/ Trios, Times 10, Queen of Hell

November 26 Bloomington, IN @ The Root Cellar w/ The Ramowboys

November 25 Bowling Green, KY @ Rocky’s w/ The Cartoons

November 18 Omaha, NE @ Brothers Lounge w/ Nathan Ma, Dave Goldberg

November 17 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Melkbelly

November 16 Tulsa, OK @ Spinster Records w/ The Judys, Cucumber & The Suntans

November 15 Dallas, TX @ Three Links w/ Talkie Walkie, Thyroids

November 13 San Diego, CA @ Til Two w/ The Dodges, Soul Sweetener

November 12 Los Angeles, CA @ The Hi Hat w/ Cigarette Bums, Guantanamo Baywatch

November 12 Los Angeles, CA @ GnarBurger

November 10 Oakland, CA @ Jingletown w/ Joey, David, Rowdy Boys

November 9 Oakland, CA @ Ivy Room w/ Pinto, Dirt Lot, Dirt Parade

November 7 Reno, NV @ The Loving Cup w/ Baby Dog

November 6 Salt Lake City, UT @ Urban Lounge w/ The Nods, Wild Stew, Miami Face Eaters

November 4 Kearney, NE @ Gillies

October 15 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Blaha, Julep, DJ Dot

October 13 Chicago, IL @ GMan Tavern w/ Slow Caves

July 28 Dekalb, IL @ The House Cafe w/ Easy Habits, LED PIG, Alex Crook

July 7 Chicago, IL @ Gman Tavern w/ Stop Light Observations

July 1 Oakland, CA @ The Nightlight w/ Patsy’s Rats, Newton, BTs

June 4 Chicago, IL @ Township w/ Fat Sun, Dirt Cheap Date, The Bingers

May 28 Minneapolis, MN @ The Seward Cafe w/ Lung, Sass, Critic Dummies, Larry Wish

May 27 Duluth, MN @ The Red Herring w/ Lung, Low Forms, Paul Cary, Secret Bads

May 24 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ The Rubs, Tough Ships, Dry Dreams

May 23 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Cool Ghouls, Charlie Reed

May 20 Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag Records w/ Russ Steadman, Spleen Diva, Number One Hit Kid

May 19 Omaha, NE @ O’Leaver’s w/ Secret Weezer, Lonely Estates, Number One Hit Kids

May 18 Omaha, NE @ Scout Dry Goods w/ Taylor Sankey, Nathan Ma

May 16 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge w/ Jason Steady, Drug Dealer

May 15 Tulsa, OK @ Auggie Reed w/ Cucumber & The Suntans, Jason Steady

May 12 Las Vegas, NV @ House Party w/ No Tides

May 11 Bakersfield, CA @ The Mint Bar w/ Los DeVitos

May 9 Oakland, CA @ Stork Club w/ Gibby Paul, Turquoiz Noiz, Jason Steady

May 8 Oakland, CA @ Night Light w/ BTs, Rowdy Boys, Jason Steady

May 5 Denver, CO @ Sheroz Nightclub w/ Panaderia, Don Chicharron, Roots Rice & Beans

April 22 Chicago, IL @ Minx Mansion w/ Mope Grooves, Judge Judy & Executioner Family Band

March 22 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ Gymshorts, The Bolos

March 21 Bloomington, IN @ The CRAM w/ Gymshorts, BUTTZZ

February 4 Bloomington, IN @ Corral w/ The Cowboys

February 3 Cincinnati, OH @ Junkers w/ Stallone N Roses, Today’s Hits

February 2 Asheville, NC @ Lazy Diamond w/ Southern Racing Enthusiast, Today’s Hits

February 1 Jacksonville, FL @ Nighthawks w/ Today’s Hits

January 31 Orlando, FL @ Uncle Lou’s w/ Bubble Boys, Rocko English, Today’s Hits

January 27 Cape Coral, FL @ Nice Guys Pizza w/ Dr Paul, Chlorine, Today’s Hits

January 26 Miami, FL @ Space Mountain w/ Dr Paul, Chlorine, Today’s Hits

January 25 St Petersburg, FL @ The Bends w/ The Girlfriend Experience, Today’s Hits

January 23 Knoxville, TN @ The Pilot Light w/ Today’s Hits

January 22 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar w/ Today’s Hits

January 21 Fort Wayne, IN @ The Tiger Room w/ Today’s Hits, Dumb Vision

January 20 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ Juicy James, Wulfpac, Motorcycle

January 19 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Juicy James, Nonnie Parry, Cookie

2016 (12)

November 15 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Pujol, Easy Habits

October 8 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records Cassette Store Day w/ Warick, Falling Doves, No Men, Vietrahm, Deeper

September 29 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Gooch Palms, Pledge Drive, Bric-A-Brac DJs

August 12 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s Randyfest w/ Today’s Hits, The Hussy, Easy Habits, Glyders

August 11 Chicago, IL @ Subterranean w/ Cherry Glazerr & Lala Lala

August 1 Chicago, IL @ Slippery Slope w/ Bunny, The Bingers

June 28 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ Peach Fuzz, Electric Sheep

June 8 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ Pookie & The Poodlez, The Pukes

May 28 Evanston, IL @ House Party w/ Spike & The Sweet Spot, Parent

May 27 Chicago, IL @ Birthday Party

March 8 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ WOLFPAC, New Drugs

January 9 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local w/ Today’s Hits

2015 (49)

December 11 Chicago, IL @ Young Camelot w/ Hawley, Soft Candy, The Man, Gross Pointe

December 3 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen w/ Space Waste, Sun God Ra

November 29 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Today’s Hits

November 8 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Today’s Hits

September 12 Chicago, IL @ Reed’s Local /w Cut Worms

September 11 Bloomington, IN @ Helms Deep w/ Hoops, Wheel of the Year

September 9 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Peach Fuzz

August 27 Chicago, IL @ Hobo Spaceship w/ Midriffs, Dinoczar

August 8 Chicago, IL @ Club Soda w/ Peasantry, El Greco Explosive, Rev Gusto, Ila Minori

July 30 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ Leggy, Varsity

July 25 Cincinnati, OH @ The Woodward Theatre w/ Bummer’s Eve, Harlequins, Chives

July 24 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar w/ Twist Twins

July 14 Chicago, IL @ East Room w/ Killer Ghost, Wet Heat

July 13 Chicago, IL @ The Mutiny w/ The Sueves, Flower Girl, Milkdick

June 28 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Whitney

June 27 Chicago, IL @ Young Camelot

June 25 Mason City, IA @ Pastime Gardens w/ The Lemons

June 20 Milwaukee, WI @ Linneman’s Riverwest Inn w/ Surgeons in Heat, Today’s Hits

June 18 Chicago, IL @ Door No. 3 w/ The Rubs, Bloom, Jollys, Peach Fuzz

June 6 Chicago, IL @ La Cubierta w/ Strange Faces, MTVGhost

June 3 Chicago, IL @ California Clipper

May 29 Chicago, IL @ Auxiliary Arts Center w/ The Cartoons, Jollys, Bad Bad Meow

May 28 Chicago, IL @ Schuba’s w/ DMA’S

May 20 Chicago, IL @ The Emporium w/ Cats in the Bath, Mama, Julian Casablancas

May 16 Indianapolis, IN @ State St Pub w/ Hollow Mountain, Gourmet Jerk, Missing Hearts, Holy Wave

May 15 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar w/ Hollow Mountain, Gourmet Jerk, Dr. Paul

May 14 Chicago, IL @ The Emporium w/ Hollow Mountain, Eye Dolls, Gourmet Jerk

May 6 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Son of a Gun, Max Clarke & The Cut Worms, readings by Jim Derogatis, JR Nelson and Jessica Hopper

May 2 Chicago, IL @ Pith House w/ Missing Hearts, The Space Lady

May 1 Chicago, IL @ The Dandelion w/ The Bingers, The Uglies, The Liqs, Zigtebra

April 20 Cincinnati, OH @ The Comet w/ Vacation, Yeesh, Hate Flirt

April 19 Lexington, KY w/ @ Best Friend Bar w/ Leggy, Wray, Jive Hounds

April 18 Bowling Green, KY @ The Falcon’s Nest w/ Leggy, Chuck Falcon, Dream Girls

April 17 Bloomington, IN @ The Big House w/ Leggy, Chives, The Strawberrys

April 10 Evanston, IL @ The Space w/ The Walters, MTVGhosts, BPO

April 8 Chicago, IL @ The Empty Bottle w/ Clear Plastic Masks, Choo Choo

April 4 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ Skip Church, Gourmet Jerk

March 28 Cincinnati, OH @ Junker’s Tavern w/ The Lemons, Today’s Hits, DJ BIG $$

March 27 Lexington, KY @ Best Friend Bar w/ The Lemons, Today’s Hits, The Sueves

March 26 Bowling Green, KY @ Rocky’s w/ The Lemons, Today’s Hits, The Sueves, Pizza Riot

March 24 Memphis, TN @ Buccaneer’s w/ The Lemons, The Sueves

March 20 Austin, TX @ Big Easy Bar & Grill w/ The Sueves

March 18 Austin, TX @ Big Easy Bar & Grill w/ Today’s Hits, The Sueves

March 15 Peoria, IL @ Warp Zone w/ The Lemons, The Sueves, Pillow Fight

March 11 Chicago, IL @ Zella w/ Today’s Hits

March 8 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Cool Ghouls

February 25 Chicago, IL @ Beat Kitchen w/ Bloom, Pet Vices, The Liqs

January 20 Chicago, IL @ Emporium w/ American Breakfast, Yeowulf

January 3 Chicago, IL @ Auxiliary Arts Center w/ Mac Blackout Band, Myracle, Death Cat

2014 (52)

December 14 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Today’s Hits, Today’s Christmas

December 5 Omaha, NE @ Barley Street Tavern w/ Calm Fur & The Lupines

November 17 Chicago, IL @ Wally World w/ Slumber Party Massacre, Perfume, Le Tour

November 17 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ Snow Wite, Period Blood, Slumber Party Massacre

November 2 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington w/ The Sueves, Pure Predication

October 31 Chicago, IL @ The Dandelion Halloween House Party w/ The Yolks, Uh Bones, The Jollys, The Uglies, Pure Predication

October 18 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ Gringo Star, Today’s Hits

October 17 Chicago, IL @ Pith House w/ Sleeping Bag, Chives, Jimmy Whispers

October 15 Chicago, IL @ Wally World w/ Sneaky Creeps

October 11 Chicago, IL @ Cole’s w/ The Yolks, Chuck Falcon

October 8 Chicago, IL @ The Owl – DJ + Live set – Very Special Guest

October 7 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington w/ The Rich Hands, Uh Bones, Flesh Panthers

October 6 Detroit, MI @ Garden Bowl w/ Mexican Knives, Moon Walks, Prude Boy

October 5 Cincinnati, OH @ Junker’s Tavern w/ Pure Predication, Chuck Falcon

October 3 Madison, WI @ Mickey’s Tavern w/ Water World, Nervosas, Proud Parents

October 2 Minneapolis, MN w/ Lazy, Real Numbers, Vats

October 1 Chicago, IL @ The Owl – DJ set w/ BIG

September 27 Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge w/ The Drums, Beverly

September 27 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ The Lemons, The Chips, Negative Scanner, Krol Kleks, Brother George

September 24 Chicago, IL @ The Owl – DJ + Live set – NUGGISH II

September 17 Chicago, IL @ The Owl – DJ + Live set – NUGGISH

September 15 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, So Cow

September 13 Chicago, IL @ The Burlington w/ Gooch Palms, Real Numbers, Uh Bones

September 6 Lexington, KY @ Yotafest w/ Raw McCartney, Jovantes, Dr Paul, Trailblazer

September 5 Cincinnati, OH @ Junkers w/ The McCartneys, Mark Zero & The Cave Managers

August 28 Chicago, IL @ Door #3 w/ The Chips, Grosse Pointe, The Jollys

August 24 Chicago, IL @ Coles – El Sounds Fest w/ Peekabooks, Que Sera

August 3 Indianapolis, IN @ 945 w/ BigColour, Today’s Hits

August 3 Lexington, KY @ High Tea w/ Shawnthony Calypso, Hair Things

August 2 Lexington, KY @ Al’s Bar w/ Trailblazer, Mexican Knives, Today’s Hits, The Butchers

August 1 Cincinnati, OH @ Junker’s Tavern w/ Mexican Knives, Pure Predication

August 1 Cincinnati, OH @ Everybody’s Records w/ Pure Predication, Mexican Knives

July 31 Bowling Green, KY @ Rocky’s w/ Unnamed Band

July 30 Nashville, TN @ Betty’s w/ Bleeding Teeth, Sudonistas

July 28 Springfield, MO @ The Flea

July 28 Springfield, MO @ Linberg’s w/ Heavy Buffalo

July 27 Kansas City, MO @ Vandals w/ Lazy, Parents, Antique Scream, Easter Teeth

July 26 Omaha, NE @ The Slowdown w/ Lunch

July 25 Minneapolis, MN @ Toilet Store w/ Real Numbers, Frankie Teardrop

July 24 Chicago, IL @ Bric-A-Brac Records w/ Gross Pointe

July 23 Chicago, IL @ The Whistler w/ Spike & The Sweetspots

July 4 San Francisco, CA @ Mission House w/ The Memories, The Lemons, Fleece, Emotional, Blood Sister

July 3 Eugene, OR @ Behavior Castle w/ Alex & Zach, The Lemons, The Memories

July 2 Seattle, WA @ Summit Inn w/ Lisa Prank, The Lemons, The Memories

June 19 @ The Whistler w/ James Francis Swanberg

June 9 Omaha, NE @ The Middle Haus w/ The Memories, Lunch

May 17 @ Young Camelot w/ Shiloh, Honey Hole Johnson, The Irenes, Teleporter

May 16 @ The Mutiny w/ Melkbelly, Jollys, Red Deer Cave People, Bihari Beach

May 10 @ Saki Records w/ Luke Tokyo Drifter

May 6 @ Beat Kitchen w/ King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard

April 29 @ The Burlington w/ Lionel-O, Brendan & The Black Jackets

March 1 @ Bric-A-Brac Records

2013 (28)

December 26 Omaha, NE @ The Middle Haus w/ Eric in Outerspace, Flamboyant Gods

December 13 @ Leland Tap w/ Today’s Hits, The Lemons

September 26 @ The Owl w/ Magic Milk

September 14 @ The Observatory w/ Wrong Words, Radar Eyes & Vamos

August 23 @ FeelTrip w/ Twin Peaks, Sister Crystals & People’s Temple of America

August 23 @ Space Club w/ Natalie Grace, Bad Bad Meow & Bleach Party

August 19 @ Township w/ Bam Bams & Mystery Actions

August 4 Mishawaka, IN @ Martha’s Midway Tavern w/ Jerome & The Psychics, Bailey Williams & The Cherannes

August 3 Cleveland, OH – Burn Out 2 @ Now That’s Class w/ Fire Retarded, Wingtones, lots more

August 2 Detroit, MI @ Garden Bowl w/ Fake Surfers, Fire Retarded, I Palindrome

July 14 @ Jerry’s Sandwiches w/ White Mystery

June 30 @ Grand Fest w/ Max Clarke & The Sueves

June 29 @ Quenchers w/ Flesh Panthers & Cougar Island

June 27 @ Bric A Brac Records – Chris Kramer & DJ Brent Z w/ Burnt Ones

June 22 @ Bric A Brac Records w/ The Hussy

June 5 @ Animal Kingdom w/ Twin Peaks, Sports Fans, Happy Birthday

May 20 @ Jerry’s Sandwiches w/ Dumpster Babies

April 27 @ Red Line Tap – International Pop Overthrow Fest w/ The Redfords, The Valley Downs, A Fragile Tomorrow, The Queue, The Romeros, The Van Buren Boys

April 19 @ Cole’s Bar CIMMFest w/ Terrible Spaceships & Autoredacted

April 5 @ Wally World w/ Magpies, Real Numbers, Uh Bones & The Bingers

March 27 @ Lokal w/ Absolutely Not & Fire Retarded

March 17 @ Quenchers w/ Magic Milk

March 15 @ Pure Hype on WHPK on the air at 88.5 FM

February 28 @ Subterranean w/ Vamos, The Nothingheads, Today’s Hits

February 8 @ Beat Kitchen w/ Jaill & The Bingers

January 11 @ The Observatory w/ Twin Peaks, Negative Scanner & Baby Ghosts

January 8 @ The Burlington w/ Lazy & The Hecks

January 5 @ Space Club w/ The Orwells, Twin Peaks

2012 (40)

December 29 Indianapolis, IN @ White Rabbit Cabaret – Glory Hole Records Presents Gizmos, with Burnt Ones, Vacation Club, & Apache Dropout

November 29 @ The Burlington w/ BigColour & Uh Bones

September 1 @ The Whip w/ Rooftop Vigilantes, Blasted Diplomats, Pink Torpedo & Flesh Panthers

August 26 – Bloomington, IN – @ The Ream w/ The Bam Bams, Prince Moondog & Jerome & the Physics

August 25 – Knoxville, TN – @The Well w/ The Mutations, Faux Ferocious, Tim Lee 3

August 24 – Raleigh, NC – @ Slim’s w/ Left Outlet & Borrowed Beams of Light (night)

August 24 – Silver Springs, MD @ Joe’s Record Paradise (day)

August 22 – Philadelphia, PA @ Silk City w/ Useless Eaters, The Eeries, White Girls, Nice Guys

August 21 – New York, NY @ Cake Shop w/ Bad Neighbors, Weird Rivers & Psycho Hippies

August 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Fire Proof w/ Trash Tide & Casual Friday

August 19 – Cleveland, OH @ Mahall’s 20 Lanes w/ Cheap Clone, Wooly Bullies & Velcro Lewis Group (night)

August 19 – Columbus, OH @ Used Kids Records w/ Pink Reason (day)

August 18 – Indianapolis, IN @ Cataracs Festival (3:00 pm at Jasona Beach)

August 17 – Lafayette, IN @ Foam City w/ Bigcolour & The Dyes

August 16 – Chicago @ The Burlington w/ Party Bat & Cruddy

August 7 @ Fireside w/ Floral Wreaths, Uh Bones & Twin Peaks

August 5 @ Cobra Lounge w/ Poolside, CAVE, Twin Peaks & The Bam-Bams

July 24 @ Subterranean w/ Magic Milk, The Bingers & Uh Bones

July 22 @ Chic-A-Go-GO!

July 21 @ Township w/ Guantanamo Baywatch, Pink Torpedo & Scoundrel

July 21 @ Ottoman Empire w/ The Sueves, The Funs, Snacks, etc.

July 15 @ Cobra Lounge CobraFest w/ King Tuff, Natural Child & Jaill

July 13 @ The Burlington w/ The Hussy & The Man

July 7 @ Heartland House w/ Twin Peaks, White Mystery, The Yolks, The Funs

June 23 @ Reggie’s w/ Crocodiles & Devin

June 22 @ Schubas w/ Bass Drum of Death & DZ Deathrays

May 23 @ Lokal – Live Set / DJ Set / Birthday Bash

May 20 @ Favorite Records w/ Real Numbers, Fungi Girls & DJ Moe Madness

May 4 @ Spaceship w/ The Yolks, The Orwells, Weather Underground & Little Boy Junior

April 29 @ The Garage w/ The Yolks & Twin Peaks

April 9 @ Subterranean w/ Organs

March 24 @ Saki Records w/ Twin Peaks

March 22 @ Empty Bottle w/ TRMRS, The Bingers

March 17 Austin, TX @ Dan XO’s SXSW Backyard BBQ Bash w/ Cop Warmth, Sweet Pups, & Obnox

March 14 Austin, TX @ Spiderhouse SXSW Get Bent Showcase w/ Crooked Bangs, Fungi Girls, Rayon Beach, Habibi etc.

March 14 Austin, TX @ Tom’s Tabbouleh SXSW Psychfest w/ Magic Milk

March 12 Austin, TX @ Beerland SXSW PBR Showcase w/ Magic Milk, Netherfriends & White Mystery

March 10 @ The Aviary w/ Rainbow Gun Show

March 4 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Sonic Angels

February 8 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Woollen Kits, The Sueves & Dumpster Babies

2011 (24)

December 16 @ Indoor Recess w/ Tyler Jon Tyler, Magic Milk

December 14 @ The Burlington w/ Sleepovers

December 3 @ Reggie’s w/ Question Mark and the Mysterians & The Bingers

December 2 @ Cole’s w/ Those Howlings & The Sueves

November 19 @ Treasure Town w/ White Mystery, Magic Milk, Magic Ian, Rad Payoff

November 5 @ Ultra Lounge w/ Mark Sultan

October 31 @ Exit: “Slushy & Uh Bones as The Velvet Underground & Nico”

October 29 @ Monster Mash w/ Magic Milk & Uh Bones

October 17 @ The Burlington w/ Masters of the Hemisphere & Monnone Alone

October 8 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Bare Wires & Dumpster Babies

October 6 @ Volcano Room w/ People’s Temple & Dead People

September 30 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Last Year’s Men, Rich Crook

September 19 @ Frank’s Power Plant, Milwaukee w/ Mortgage Freeman, The Jonesers

September 9 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Straight Arrows, Proto Idiot

August 15 @ The Whistler w/ Vee Dee, CHIRP DJs

June 21 @ Subterranean w/ Magic Milk, Ripe Fruit, the Bingers

May 28 @ Asshole Castle w/ Moodrings, Bigcolour, Balkans, Hawaiian Lion

April 23 @ Ian’s Birthday Party

April 20 @ Pancho’s w/ White Mystery, Rabble Rabble

April 19 @ Schubas w/ Surf City, Dreamers of the Ghetto

March 30 @ Reggie’s w/ Jack Oblivian & The Tennessee Tearjerkers, John Paul Keith & the 145s

March 27 @ Hallowed Grounds w/ Colleen Green, Tyler Jon Tyler, Dead Ghosts

March 14 @ Empty Bottle w/ Ty Segall, Heavy Cream, Half Rats

February 17 @ Pancho’s w/ Nones, Phantom Works, Students from Norway

2010 (17)

December 23 @ Empty Bottle w/ Sleepovers, Bored Games, Tender

December 12 @ Quenchers w/ Pastel Pistol, Michael Partington

November 15 @ Beat Kitchen w/ No Joy, Bad Speler

October 8 @ The Mutiny w/ We Love You, Brontosaurus

October 5 @ Beauty Bar w/ DJ Psyched Alex

September 17 @ The Store w/ Bully in the Hallway, Adam & Steve

August 21 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Bare Wires, Mickey, Real Numbers

August 19 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Rayon Beach, Heavy Times, Bourgeois Zeus

August 4 @ Ronny’s w/ Alright Class, Andy Marchel and the Cocaine Rainbow

August 2 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Colleen Green, Girlfriends

July 28 @ Empty Bottle w/ Glass Bricks, Puttin Out

July 17 @ Crown Tap Room w/ Talking Mountain, Tender

July 16 @ some weird house in Iowa City w/ Talking Mountain

July 12 @ Crystal Rock w/ King Louie, Hot Machines, Tyler Jon Tyler, Tender

July 11 @ Empty Bottle w/ Magic Milk, Bourgeois Zeus

June 19 @ Art About w/ Magic Milk

June 18 @ The Mopery w/ Yolks, Church of my Love, Mickey, Lover