Announcing “Pastime Gardens”

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Slushy is extremely excited to announce the release of our debut LP, Pastime Gardens, being birthed into this world April of 2014 on Chicago imprint Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes!

cover art for Slushy's "Pastime Gardens" by Adam Pezen

Pastime Gardens is the best representation to date of Slushy’s two-piece sound. Taking the direct-to-tape approach heard on the Candy / Pocket single and adding in the wall of sound of Five Little Leaves, Pastime Gardens is a non-stop gooey goodness, the intersecting Venn diagram of maximalness and minimalness. It’s noisy and weird in all the right ways and none of the wrong ones.

The album was recorded by Grabbing Clouds head honcho Matt Riley on his Tascam 388, and mixed and mastered by Shimby McCreery, who previously worked with Slushy on “Five Little Leaves”. The album art is by Adam Pezen, with an insert featuring the artwork of Kriss Stress.

Pastime Gardens Track List

1. Now I Need You
2. Summertime Girls
3. Montanaro
4. So Happy
5. Good Luck Charm
6. She’s Going Away Now
7. Run Wild
8. Little Heart
9. Television
10. Round & Round
11. Fun in the Sun
12. Teenage Frankenstein
13. Done with Fun
14. Reverberations

Update: Some of these songs are pretty good! Email me if you want a copy, I still have a few left!