Fun Cunumdrum

Released 8/24/2018 by Tripp Tapes & Rubber Vomit Records. Produced by Chris “Twist” Kramer, mastered by Shimby McCreery.

Hello, I’m Chris Twist

Released 5/19/2017 by Tripp Tapes. Produced by Slushy.

Nuggish: Artyficial Originals from the First Slushydelic Era

Released 9/17/2014 by Tripp Tapes. Produced by Slushy.

Pastime Gardens

Released 5/13/2014 by Grabbing Clouds. Recorded by Matt Riley, mixed and mastered by Shimby McCreery.

Five Little Leaves

Released 10/1/2013 by Tripp Tapes. Recorded and mixed by Shimby McCreery.
With Doug Boldon (drums) and the Bing-Aires (backing vocals).

Candy b/w Pocket 7″

Released 9/17/2013 by Randy Records. Recorded by Randy.

All The Rad Dudes

Released 7/24/2012 by Manic Static. Produced by Slushy.