The Lemons “Gummy Worm” & WLMN

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Today is a magical day. Today is the day that you can watch the music video for “Gummy Worm,” the first single from the new Lemons album, WLMN.

The video is by Jordan “Beefstrong” Speer, and as you can tell even by the preview screen, it is amazing. If you didn’t already, please watch it, it only takes a minute and a half to add insurmountable joy to your day.

“Gummy Worm” was written by Bad Boy Billy Sour. He recorded a demo of it back when he first joined the Lemons, but he sang it very quietly so we had to make up mostly all new words for it. All the Lemons sing on this one, and a few guest Lemons too. The new album, WLMN, is the most Lemons album to date, with songs and singalongs and skits and bits sure to leave you happily confused.

The album is being released by We Are Busy Bodies, a Canadian label specializing in jazz reissues. They also released At Home so hats off to them. Preorders of the album are available now, although there is a special edition that is not yet available to preorder as of this writing, so choose wisely. Maybe try to snag both? Anyway, the record will be out on 23 April, so just keep watching this Gummy Worm video until then!