The Lemons At Home

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cover art for WABB-055 The Lemons At Home

Folks who have seen the Lemons perform live know that we like to say “hello” a bunch and then head home, which is exactly why the follow-up to “Hello, We’re The Lemons” is called “The Lemons At Home”.

We stole a bunch of ideas from some obscure bands who couldn’t make those ideas work the first time around and found equal success! All told it’s a Lemons album full of Lemons songs as sung by The Lemons. What does it sound like? How does it make you feel? Who brought the dog? You’ll find out the answers to these and all of life’s questions when you add The Lemons … At Home to your audio library collection.

The good people at We Are Busy Bodies are bringing At Home to beautiful slathery wax this fall — November 15 if you’re the calendar owning type. Why not plan ahead and order The Lemons At Home from We Are Busy Bodies Right Here! Make your mama and/or papa proud and spend your paper route money on something worthwhile instead of giving it to some bank.

Okay here’s a little bit of inside baseball about the album: all the people on the album cover came over to our house (the one Max and I live in) and we passed around instruments and lyric sheets and food and beverages and everyone had a good time singing and playing songs they half-remembered from a dream about a movie or vice versa but mostly people talked and joked and laughed at jokes and there were microphones hidden throughout the house and then Goons drew the album cover. Music magic!

Almost all of the songs are longer this time than last time which is why there are only 18 (9 on each side!) but most of them are still pretty good and the ones that aren’t we like any way!