Introducing The Lemons!

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classic smiley The Lemons, a new Chicago pop super group featuring one or sometimes two members of Slushy, plus the brains behind Today’s Hits, SkyMaul, Hollow Mountain and Boshus, just dropped their debut full-length, “Hello, We’re The Lemons”. If you like the sunny pop sensibilities of Slushy, the stripped down songwriting of Today’s Hits, and hooks in general, you’re gonna love this tape.

Here’s what now-defunct blogger Why Pick on Me had to say about it:

Hello, We’re The Lemons is in the running for Most Charming Chicago Release of 2013. Not only are the songs cute, funny, weird and quirky…they’re also expertly recorded (and I mean that in the most DIY/lo-fi way possible) and instantly memorable.

See The Lemons this Saturday (Nov 9) at Bric-A-Brac Records with Guantanamo Baywatch, and later the same day at Subterranean with Nobunny!