“Five Little Leaves” Cassettes Now Available

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The newest Slushy release is now available for you to get your hands all over. Chicago’s Tripp Tapes is the lucky label that gets to release “Five Little Leaves” a collection of older tunes and fan faves that will make your head spin and heart explode. A limited edition of 100 super-duper pro-looking-and-sounding cassettes has been produced (featuring artwork by GOON$),and are sure to sell like hot birthday cakes.

Recorded with Shimby “Live at the Empty Bottle” McCreery, “Five Little Leaves” turns Slushy minimalist, lo-fi rock’n’roll on its head. Featuring drums from The Sleepovers’ Doug Boldon and backing vocals from The Bing-Aires, these five songs are full-on power-pop, doo-wop, doncha-stop action. Fans of The Soft Boys, Flamin’ Groovies, and The Modern Lovers need to score this tape today.

You can now order the “Five Little Leaves” cassette with an immediate digital download from the Slushy bandcamp page, as well as Chicago’s finer record stores.

Fun fact! We did these recordings intending to release three different 7-inch records with three different labels, but no one we sent the tunes to ever got back to us so I paid my pal in Florida to make some tapes and slapped the Tripp Tapes name on it without telling James in advance! Sorry about that, James!

Double fun fact! There are actually 6 songs on the tape, and it’s my mom’s favorite tape even though it has “I Want To Die Young” on it. Sorry about that, mom!