The Wild Cat

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First recordings (06/09/2020)

When the weather is nice and everyone is feeling in good health, often Steve will come over and will sit on the patio and strum guitars with Laure and sometimes even Lou and also me. Steve and Laure have been performing as American Breakfast for several whiles now and Lou joined them just one or two whiles back and then I joined them just about a half a while ago. Anyway, this post is not about American Breakfast, it’s about The Wild Cat, which is different in many fundamental ways that are so self-evident that I need not explicate them here.

So, to cut to the chase, one evening when Steve was about but Lou was otherwise preoccupied, we run through a few of our tunes while microphones were placed strategically and connected to the Tascam and a tape was recording for such purpose as posterity and posteriority. You can listen to them by clicking on the individual track names above.

In addition to our backyard strums for the nearby neighbors, we have done a couple-two-three world wide web streaming performances over our cellular telephones and hope to one day engage in more public performances once the demand meets our supply.

Are you the owner, operator or officiant of a record label? Let’s talk about your interest in releasing future recordings by The Wild Cat! We are interested if you are. Get in touch today.