Lovers in Marble

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Oh day of days! The Cowboys have a brand new EP out right now on Feel It Records and you can listen to it over the webways from the picture box above this paragraph of words!

Following hot on the hot heels of Room of Clons, Lovers in Marble is a terse selection of delectable slices of absurdist pop-based-rock for enrolled college students and alumni alike.

This little EP was recorded in insolation, with myself making up guitar parts in the small room of the Garden here and adding them to digital tape and sending them by digital email to the rest of the gang for additional manipulation. I didn’t hear any of the mixes (or even a couple of the tunes) until the final release!

And I still don’t own a copy of the cassette, but that means there are more for you to snag, dear reader. Visit Feel It Records Shop to get one or two!