Fun Cunumdrum

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Hello there, I’m just dropping a note to tell you all about the brand new Slushy album.

It’s called “Fun Cunumdrum” which is a pretty neat name if I do say so myself. I came up with it and decided to spell it wrong so it would only use one vowel. Pretty neat indeed! Make sure you spell it wrong too if you ever decide to spell it at all. Plus it has the word “drum” hidden in there (spelt properly proberbly) and this album has a drum on it! (Hidden at the end, just like the word)

Oh yeah, you probably want to know what kind of music this is, huh! Well, it’s kinda like rock and roll, sort of. I mean, there are guitars and bass guitars and drums and things in the instrumentation department, and I sing with my voice on every song, sometimes with lots of words and sometimes only a few. You can dance to a lot of the songs if you try hard enough.

The songs are “about” stuff, like they have a message, ya know? Like one is about living with octopodes in the ocean, and one is about how I like flowers but usually just when they’re growing in the dirt, and another one is about how the music on the radio is really good and has a good beat and is easy to dance to. Oh and there’s also one about driving in a car, two about driving in a car actually, I was gonna write a third one about driving in a car but the car broke down in the middle of the second one. Oh well! Shimby really likes the one where I say “love so true” a lot of times. That one’s called “Love So True”. Tara likes the one called “Cindy Says”.

I recorded all the songs at my home in Chicago using only 2 microphones so it has that classic “thin” sound that the audiophiles hate so if you hate audio files you’ll love this album! That’s just a little joke but it’s pretty good so I’ll keep it. Everything was recorded over about 2 weeks in May and I finished it the day before my birthday at like 8 pm then I buzzed my hair so this is a “long hair” album even though my hair is short now, FYI. Yes, it’s hippy stuff. I already mentioned the song about flowers. Did I mention drums? I played the drums (and everything else too) so if it gets a little off rhythmically speaking you know why.

Let’s see, I’m forgetting something… Oh yeah! Kieth Herzik did that artwork and he sure did do a good did! Take a gander at it! Octopodes and flowers, together at last! (I read in a book somewhere that the plural of octopus is octopodes and I’m trying to incorporate it into my vocabulary but how often do you get to talk about octopodes? Not very often unless you’re a marine biologist or a sailor or a janitor at a zoo, I guess.) And Shimby McCreery mastered it, same fellow who mastered Pastime Gardens so you know it’s gonna sound great!

When I did the layout for the cassette tapes I put a logo for Tripp Tapes and a logo for Rubber Vomit Records on the back bit, so that’s cool, like I got record deal or something! And Scott Beard at Audio Duplication Services made the tapes and they are real and they didn’t get stolen just arrived a week late but that’s not Scott’s fault, they do great work at ADS! Give them a call for your next tape run! They even shrink wrap!

You can get a tape from me next time you see me. Or just download a tape from the internet. I put the whole thing up on bandcamp and Max made sure I didn’t put any typos in the lyrics which I also included on the bandcamp thingy. It’s right here go ahead what are ya waiting for? A written invitation from the Queen? Well that’s understandable but it might take her a while to get around to it, she’s very busy what with all the waving she has to do.

Did I tell you I’m paying myself by the word?

Anywho, that’s the scoop on the new Slushy album. It’s called Fun Cunumdrum, I produced it and played all the instruments and wrote all the songs and just wrote the word sand instead of song but then changed it. It’s out on Tripp/Rubber Vomit, it’s really catchy, you’ll probably like at least one of the songs, there are 14 songs total and I didn’t write the word sand again except for just now but I meant to.

Okay bye!

All the love,