I Just Wanna Be A Baby Now

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I Just Wanna be a Baby Now is a song written in May of 2010, a collaboration between Max Epstein, Chris Kramer, Alex Mentzer and Ben Haley when they were the band Slushy. Max came up with most of it. Ben contributed the line “I don’t want to be so small.” Alex suggested changing the original chorus “I Don’t Want to Be a Baby” to “I Just Want to…” which really made the tune.

We recorded it once in Ira’s garage for the Enigma/Blue Pearl tape. If you come over to the house I’ll play it for ya.

The Lemons recorded a version of I Just Wanna Be A Baby Now, and released it on their first set of demos, “Fresh Squeezed”. This was limited to a run 7 of hand-dubbed tapes on the Tripp Tapes label.

The song uses the chords D, G and A.