Rememberies: 2014

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Huh, I guess I forgot to do a Rememberies post last year for 2013. (update: I faked it.) Oh well, a new year is here, and with that, my recollections of the year that just went. Word on the internet is that 2014 was a “bummer”, but that’s just because the internet doesn’t know about Slushy yet. Here’s what happened, as best as I can recall.


Had the most miserable Megabus ride from Des Moines to Chicago on New Years Day. Ten hours through a blizzard, after having spent a week with a broken down car in Mason City, Iowa. That’s a rough start to a year. Then I got dumped the next day. Oh well. We recorded with Matt Riley in December, and started mixing with Shimby McCreery at his house in January. That was cool!


Finished mixing and mastering the album with Shimby, which I christened Pastime Gardens after the diner that kept me alive in Mason City. (If you’re driving from Minneapolis to Des Moines or points south, stop in and tell them Slushy sent you.) At one point during mixing the record, I said it sounds like Brian Eno producing the Ramones. I still stand by that.


Bric-A-Brac Records needed a new PA, so I played a benefit show for them. Adam Pezen and Kriss Stress finished up the artwork for Pastime. “Looks great!” I said at the time, and I still say that all the time.


Played some more solo shows wearing a red shirt, and quit my job so that I could tour all summer with the Lemons and with Slushy. Possibly the smartest thing I ever did?


Pastime Gardens was released by Grabbing Clouds Records & Tapes on May 10, 2014. Hey that’s pretty sweet! Big love to Matt and Billy for making that happen. Played the record in order at the Saki release show after Kenny made bleep bloop sounds, plus a couple of other shows around town, then got in the van to see America.


The Lemons got to tour with the Memories and Street Gnar! Plus a Slushy show in Omaha with the Memories and Lunch. In the words of Uncle Funkle, “You play a lot of covers.” Then Max, Dee, James and I drove to California and made every single one of our dreams come true!


Made it up to Seattle, scooped up Brent, and gave the Pacific Northwest a taste of Slushy. Stayed with Matt Riley at the new home base of Grabbing Clouds in San Francisco, and played a house party there on the 4th of July. Had a smart idea for a new album while spending a day off in Austin. Made it back to Chicago, had a couple practices with Justin and Kenny, then got right back in the van for Slushy tour. Minneapolis, Omaha, Springfield, Memphis, Nashville, we love you all.


Finished up that tour with a few more great shows, then sweet talked James into joining on bass. Didn’t take much sweet talking. Recorded Nuggish over a few days while hanging out at home.


Junkers and Yotafest weekender kicked it off, at which point we realized we should just be a jam band. So we did.


Nuggish came out, played a couple solo shows at the Owl, and learned some new songs with the gang. Went out of town for a long weekend, overplayed Chicago, and started a Modern Lovers cover band, complete with historically accurate banter.


Brent came back in town for a couple more two-piece shows, and we did a bit of recording too. Have I told you about that? It’s weird, and I think I like it.


Spent two weeks in Nebraska, and gave Omaha a taste of Nuggish. They dug it. At least Dave did. I think that was the first good Slushy show in Omaha of 2014. Snuck in a great set at the Whistler, too. Got dumped the day after Christmas. What is it with the holidays??

A gaze into the crystal ball of 2015

Okay, that was a weird year. And one that left me wondering, “what the hell is Slushy?” I don’t know if I have an answer to that yet, but here’s what I plan on doing to find out.

1. Recording a bunch

2. Maybe putting those recordings out online

3. Maybe putting those recordings out on cassette and/or vinyl

4. Touring a bunch

5. Connecting with people around me

6. Quitting at least one more job

7. Stand up comedy