The Bottom of a Rotten Flower

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Friends, fiends, fops and floozies, the world is your oyster and inside the shell is a fully flexed mussel known as the Cowboys. They’ve been called Indiana’s finest but truly the Mid-West’s Most-Wonderful is the name that best sums up what the Cowboys are all about. Oh did I mention that I (Chris “Twist” Kramer) have recently joined this band?

As of last spring, I have become the sometimes-second guitar playing member of this beast of a band. I met the Cowboys when they joined a Nobunny tour from Canada to Florida and probably some other places and in addition to seeing them play every night we secretly listened to their tapes in the van, too. Wow what a band! Such a rhythm section! What a singer! Dig the production and tones! “If only,” surely someone thought, “there was another dude just strumming along in the background!” Well, anonymous nobody, I am the answer to your misguided wish.

Okay with that rambling preamble out of the way, we present to you “The Bottom of a Rotten Flower,” the first Cowboys album featuring 5 Cowboys. Recorded last summer at Bloomington’s Russian Recording (aka Li’l Bub Studios), this is 16 songs of heartfelt heartache and bombast plus catchy tunes, clever lyrics and oh yeah did I mention that rhythm section?

You can find records and CDs from Feel It Records and even cassette tapes (remember those?) from Burger Records. You can also find the Cowboys coming to a city near you! Here are some tour dates where 4 or 5 Cowboys will be performing some of these songs and also some older ones too.

Feb 21 Bloomington, IN – The Bishop w/ Service, Heavy Honey
Feb 22 Columbus, OH — Cafe Bourbon St w/ Connections, Living Space
Feb 23 Lexington, KY — The Green Lantern
Feb 24 Asheville, NC — Fleetwood’s
Feb 25 Charlotte, NC — Tommy’s Pub
Feb 26 Chapel Hill, NC — Nightlight w/ Personality Cult
Feb 27 Richmond, VA — Studio Two Three w/ The Ar-Kaics, Wild Rose, Cruzer
Feb 28 Washington D.C. — The Comet Ping Pong w/ Des Demonas, Pink Film
Mar 1 Baltimore, MD — Spirit World (house show) w/ Romantic States, Ten Million Spiders
Mar 2 Philadelphia, PA — Cousin Danny’s w/ The Smarthearts, Deep Tissue
Mar 3 New York City, NY — Baby’s All Right
Mar 5 Boston, MA — Deep Thoughts
Mar 6 Rochester, NY — Bug Jar
Mar 7 Pittsburgh, PA — Babyland w/ The Spectres, Totally Miguel
Mar 8 Cleveland, OH — Happy Dog w/ Ma Holos, Red Devil Ryders
Mar 9 Cincinnati, OH — Northside Yacht Club