All The Rad Dudes

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Slushy’s all-new “All The Rad Dudes” is now available from Manic Static. The 8 song cassette release follows quickly on the heels of the Manic Static Compilation, which featured Slushy’s “Baby with the Big Tape Head”. “All The Rad Dudes” builds upon the weirdo pop perfection of that tune and adds in some healthy doses of self-deprecation (“I’m A Disaster”), self-mythologizing (“Noise In My Head”), and hero-worship (“I Love The Beatles”).

The initial run of tapes is limited to 100 on purple cassette and can be purchased from Manic Static here. You can also stream the tunes and download lossless files at our bandcamp.

Slushy All the Rad Dudes cover

Featuring these songs:

1. I’m A Disaster (shy guy)
2. Dumb Dumb Dude (bad decisions)
3. Greasy Hair (love song)
4. All The Rad Dudes (in the know)
5. Noise In My Head (song about songs)
6. I Love The Beatles (duh)
7. Sunny Pair (pubes)
8. Little Hoopy Coopy (Max and D)

All 8 songs were written and recorded over the July 4th weekend. Chris played the Fender Coronado XII, some acoustic guitar, the bass and the drums.