CobraFest! RSVP Now to See Slushy with King Tuff, Natural Child, Jaill

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We’re really psyched to be playing at CobraFest this year. It’s a three day rock and roll extravaganza that just happens to coincide with and take place right down the street from that other big “indie music” festival at Union Park.

Band for band, tune for tune, CobraFest slays over Pitchfork. The Sunday show that we’re a part of is perhaps the best bill of the night. We have:

King Tuff

Vermont thrasher hesher making the best rock music out there right now. It makes me think of movies like Velvet Goldmine and Hedwig and the Angry Inch that are trying to approximate the awesomeness of Bowie and Bolan and all that sound for dramatic effect. Only King Tuff actually gets it right because he’s 100% as awesome as those dudes.

Natural Child

Really bluesy country-y punk from Nashville. These guys know what’s up. They sound like Led Zeppelin if Led Zeppelin was really into the Stooges. Their new album cover is a dude’s butt, so you know they’re legit.


These folks are on Sub Pop so they must be doing something right. They sound like all the good Sub Pop records boiled down into one record. Last Halloween they played a show as Cyndi Lauper. That’s how rad they are.


That’s us. We’ll probably play some new songs and not as many old songs as you’re used to seeing us play. We’re from Chicago, duh…

And it’s free.

Go to this web page and enter your info and tell them you want to go to the Sunday show. Rum meisters Sailor Jerry will have your email address, but you can just unsubscribe from whatever advertisements they decide they need to show you. Then show up early so you can actually get in.

UPDATE: I got my first tattoo at this show. It’s of a 9-legged squid.