Summer European Tour

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Welp, this sure is very exciting stuff to get to announce. Afforded seeing some wonderful places, meeting many wonderful people, and palling around in a van with 3 or 4 of the sweetest human beings ever created, enough to fill a boy’s heart with joy, I have this wonderful news. Slushy will be on tour!

Yes, Slushy Euro Tour ’18.

Here’s where we will be playing:

August 28 Figuiera da Foz, PT @ Gliding Barnacles

August 29 Malmo, SW @ Plan B

August 30 Stockholm, SW @ Vielle Montagne

August 31 Gothenburg, SW @ Musiken Hus

September 1 Hamburg, DE @ Get Lost Fest 6

September 2 Utrecht, ND @ DB’s

September 4 Berlin, DE @ Cortina Bob

September 5 Halle, DE @ Huhnermanhatten

September 6 Munich, DE @ Kafe Kult

September 7 Terranuova Bracciolni, IT @ Betabar

September 8 Bergamo, IT @ Edone

September 9 Zurich, CH @ Kon-Tiki Bar

September 10 Freiburg, DE @ Cafe Atlantik

September 14 Barcelona, SP @ Gambeat Festival

September 15 Madrid, SP @ Get Mad Festival

September 16 London, UK @ Nambucca

September 17 Brighton, UK @ The Hope & Ruin

*Maybe not all of these, and maybe some more to be announced later, who knows! I couldn’t keep it in any longer!

Steady Twistin Cross the USA

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Spring is here and allergens are in the air among the fruited plains. Which is why Chris Twist and Jason Steady are hopping in a 2011 Chevy van to sing songs for small groups of strangers from muddy river to shining sea. The fellers will be taking requests and doing make-em-ups in dive bars, dance clubs, recording studios, house parties and secret beach coves for the first half of May and mayhaps the second. Here are some example of where you should be to catch these fireflies in your very own mason jar.

May 5 Denver, CO @ Sheroz Nightclub
May 8 Oakland, CA @ Night Light
May 10 San Luis Obispo, CA @ Beach Party
May 11 Bakersfield, CA @ The Mint Bar
May 12 Las Vegas, NV @ House Party
May 15 Tulsa, OK @ Auggie Reed Studios
May 16 Lawrence, KS @ Replay Lounge
May 18 Omaha, NE @ Milk Run
May 20 Sioux Falls, SD @ Total Drag Records

See you real soon!

International Goof Off Day

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gymshorts and slushy forever

Everyone’s favorite holiday International Goof Off Day is right around the corner! Dreams do come true if you just keep dreaming!

Pookie’s Playhouse

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Hello website friends! Have I told you about my good friend Pookie yet? We are music friends who met playing shows with each other’s bands then became friends touring in the same band together and then best friends when he started living in my bedroom closet!

Have you heard Pookie & The Poodlez’s new album yet? It’s called Young Adult and it’s super duper good!!!! Catchy tunes with words that are fun to say and really good guitar playing! It’s out on South Paw Records, and since Pookie lives in Chicago now, he’s having a big record release party to celebrate it … in Chicago! At the East Room! With Slushy! And the (USA) Pukes! It’s all pretty exciting stuff.

Here’s a flyer that Pookie and Jen made that is really fun to look at it. Try looking at it and see how much fun you have :pookslushpuke

Midwest Bender / Mind Blender Weekend

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It’s been a while since we packed up the Buick and wasted away the hours in highway traffic. Life may be a bummer but never in summer! So we’re stocking up on Gatorade and 10w40 and seeing where that potholed road takes us.

Turns out it takes us to Detroit, Cleveland, and Mishawaka!

FRIDAY we are set the cruise control to 88 all the way to Detroit. It’s the brokest city in America, so we’re playing a free show with Fire Retarded, Fake Surfers and I Palindrome at the Garden Bowl, the oldest operating bowling alley in the universe.

SATURDAY we’ll be nursing our sore wrists from bowling all night, then letting gravity take us down to Cleveland for BURN OUT 2 fest. We played Mahall’s 20 Lanes last summer, but two bowling alleys in a row would probably turn us into a ska band, so we’re hitting up the punkest club in town, Now That’s Class. This is an all day affair, Fire Retarded are playing this as well, plus 8 other barf-tastic bands.

SUNDAY, we pay a visit to South Bend, Indiana, or as near as they’ll let us: Mishawaka. The dudes in Jerome and the Psychics one threw us a sick party in their basement that got broken up after us the Bam-Bams refused to turn down, so now we finally get to play with these homeys. Also Bailey Williams, at Martha’s Midway Tavern.

No new records, no new tapes, no new shirts, just rock’n’roll.

Back to Bric A Brac with Burnt Ones

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Two shows in a row at the same record store? It’s true, and it’s because Bric A Brac Records is the coolest spot in the neighborhood.

After a killer opening party where Slushy played with our Madison pals The Hussy, Bric A Brac is getting down to brass by hosting the incredible BURNT ONES out of SF. We played with these guys in December down in Indianapolis, and have been looking forward to their return since.

But, this won’t be your typical Slushy show. Burnt Ones are going to be an avocado in a Slushy sandwich, with a rare Chris solo sit first and DJ Burnt Zza (aka Brent aka B-boy aka BeeBee aka The Kid) spinning the gems from his wall of records after.

What more could you ask for? How about the chance to buy records and toys and MAD Magazines from Nick and Jen. Seriously, this store is cool and if we have to play there every day we will.

Thursday, June 27. 2013. Starts at 6:00 on the dot, don’t be a pinhead.

Slushy at CIMMFest 2013

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We’re thrilled to have been selected to play this year’s CIMMFest. The Chicago International Movies & Music Festival is in its fifth year of bringing four days of films, concerts, and audio-visual collaborations.

Slushy is playing April 19, which is the 2nd day of the fest. You can catch us at Cole’s Bar on Milwaukee Avenue with Lynchian Heartthrobs Twin Peaks (or maybe Twin Peax), who are ready for their close-up (but Cole didn’t let them in because they were all underage in 2013). Also, Elfman-meets-Welles soundtrackers Terrible Spaceships, and AV mashupers Autoredacted.

Since it’s such a bad-butt fest, we’re working on some bad-butt visuals to go along with our set. You’ll need to show up in person to find out just what they are (also I need to work on it so I can figure out what the hell they’ll be).

Like all shows at Cole’s, it’s free. And it’s a Friday night. So it will be at capacity before you know it. Show up early is what I’m getting at.

UPDATE: We showed Mel Brooks’s cinema classic “Young Frankenstein” while we played.

St Pat’s with Magic Milk at Quenchers

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Chicago loves St Patricks Day. Just yesterday on the eve of this holy drinking day, I saw a bro fight on the El train and a girl barfing into a garbage can at the Logan Square stop. Now that’s love!

Let the debauchery continue tonight as Quenchers Saloon welcomes Slushy and Magic Milk!!! The good times start at 10 pm, so that will give everyone plenty to time to get shickered and maybe check out one of the other shows happening around the hood. See ya there!

Magic Milk is Kenny and he’s a very nice and smart and talented and sweet boy. The 2nd ever Slushy show was with Magic Milk at an art-a-bout or something and it was great he had confetti I think and wore pants the whole time maybe.

Slushy Live on WHPK

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Tune in to Pure Hype on WHPK 88.5 FM in Chicago between 9:00 and 10:30 pm this Friday! (probably 3-15-13) Slushy will be playing a live set, doing a little chit chat, playing some unreleased tunes and taking your calls. Tonsa funsa on a Friday night!

Or just come down to the studio at College University Campus and hang out with us on the roof!

Here’s a clip of what to expect:

Master Shredders: Slushy, Vamos, Nothingheads, Todayshits at SubT 2/28

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Plenty of bands these days like to slather their pop tunes with a heap of fuzzed out guitar shredding, but few bands in Chicago do it as well as VAMOS. These acid-soaked rockers sound like a strobe light and a lava lamp, and smell like one too.

Despite what you may have heard, The Nothingheads are not Amish. In fact, they play electrified guitars at high volume. You can barely make out their sadistic, satanic lyrics above the din. I’m sure some pervert in the crowd will have them printed out for easy access.

Opening up the evening, Todayshits started out as the recording project of James Swanberg, who, as the name suggests, would record a #1 hit song every day. To date, his oeuvre includes an epic EP dedicated to humankind’s greatest achievement, pizza. Now James has teamed up with a who’s huh? of local rockers to bring Todayshits to the concert-going public.

All this great live music for only $8! Pick yours up from SubTerranean today!