Midwest Bender / Mind Blender Weekend

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It’s been a while since we packed up the Buick and wasted away the hours in highway traffic. Life may be a bummer but never in summer! So we’re stocking up on Gatorade and 10w40 and seeing where that potholed road takes us.

Turns out it takes us to Detroit, Cleveland, and Mishawaka!

FRIDAY we are set the cruise control to 88 all the way to Detroit. It’s the brokest city in America, so we’re playing a free show with Fire Retarded, Fake Surfers and I Palindrome at the Garden Bowl, the oldest operating bowling alley in the universe.

SATURDAY we’ll be nursing our sore wrists from bowling all night, then letting gravity take us down to Cleveland for BURN OUT 2 fest. We played Mahall’s 20 Lanes last summer, but two bowling alleys in a row would probably turn us into a ska band, so we’re hitting up the punkest club in town, Now That’s Class. This is an all day affair, Fire Retarded are playing this as well, plus 8 other barf-tastic bands.

SUNDAY, we pay a visit to South Bend, Indiana, or as near as they’ll let us: Mishawaka. The dudes in Jerome and the Psychics one threw us a sick party in their basement that got broken up after us the Bam-Bams refused to turn down, so now we finally get to play with these homeys. Also Bailey Williams, at Martha’s Midway Tavern.

No new records, no new tapes, no new shirts, just rock’n’roll.