Back to Bric A Brac with Burnt Ones

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Two shows in a row at the same record store? It’s true, and it’s because Bric A Brac Records is the coolest spot in the neighborhood.

After a killer opening party where Slushy played with our Madison pals The Hussy, Bric A Brac is getting down to brass by hosting the incredible BURNT ONES out of SF. We played with these guys in December down in Indianapolis, and have been looking forward to their return since.

But, this won’t be your typical Slushy show. Burnt Ones are going to be an avocado in a Slushy sandwich, with a rare Chris solo sit first and DJ Burnt Zza (aka Brent aka B-boy aka BeeBee aka The Kid) spinning the gems from his wall of records after.

What more could you ask for? How about the chance to buy records and toys and MAD Magazines from Nick and Jen. Seriously, this store is cool and if we have to play there every day we will.

Thursday, June 27. 2013. Starts at 6:00 on the dot, don’t be a pinhead.