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Candy was written in December, 2007, and features the chords D, A, A7, G, and Gm. This songs was originally performed by the Stolen Kisses, and was released on an extremely rare cassette tape by I’m Drinkin This tapes in August, 2008. (seriously maybe 10 copies? It’s very out of print.)

Two recordings of Candy were officially released by Slushy. The first of these is the Randy Records 7″, which was recorded by Nathan Johnson in the summer of 2012, and released in 2013.

The second to be released was actually recorded first, in January of 2012, by Shimby McCreery. This version features Doug Boldon on drums, and backing vocals by Ronnie, Ted and Jack of the Bingers, aka the Bing-Aires. It is included on the cassette versions of “Five Little Leaves”, released by Tripp Tapes in 2013.

The themes of Candy are obsession, self-restraint, insomnia, sweets, and dogs. Mostly dogs.