SF Girls

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SF Girls/Gals was written in October, 2009 and uses the chords G, C, D, and F, with a passing F# in the chorus (daringly placed under the letter “F” in the vocal). On the demo all the tones are a whole step lower because I had a funny guitar tuning back then.

The theme of the song is a typical longing for a girl on the west coast, and the scenery and lifestyle that goes along with that type of girl: sunsets, sand, surf, and smooches.

Fun fact!

See the way they comb their hair
See the way they just don’t care
See the way they drive me wild
See the way they look so cute
See the way they point and shoot
See the way they drive me wild
I’m going out west where the sun’s the best
Going to the coast where the sun’s the most
Gonna walk around until the sun falls down
Gonna walk around with my SF Gal