DJ Residency at The Owl

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In the world of very cool news, Slushy has been invited to do a residency at the Owl in Logan Square, the premier late-night bar in the neighborhood. Running from September 17 through October 8, I’ll be spinning the best bubble gum, doo-wop, soul, and rhythm & blues records from 10 pm to 4 am, plus giving a special live performance each night at 1 am.

September 17: NUGGISH

This is how you kick off a month-long party. “Slushy Presents: NUGGISH – Artyficial Originals from the First Slushydelic Era: Vol I” is the brand new, unofficial Slushy album. Tripp Tapes is putting out 100 copies on cassette, and I’ll be performing a selection of the songs for the first night of the residency.

September 24: FUTURE BOY

Last month I had the pleasure to perform alongside DR. PAUL, wearing a dinosaur mask and rattling a tambourine. DR PAUL rules. And he reminded me that in 2002, I had the idea to record an album under the name FUTURE BOY. I wrote a few songs, never recorded them, and then forget how to play them and all about the project. But DR PAUL changed that, so I wrote a new batch of FUTURE BOY songs! Once again, Tripp Tapes is putting out 100 cassettes, available only at this show, and there will be a live performance by FUTURE BOY himself.

October 1: BIG debut

BIG is a new band comprised of James Swanberg and Chris Kramer. James sings, Chris plays acoustic guitar. This will be our first ever show. Maybe we’ll have a tape out on Tripp Tapes??? James will be co-DJing, and all his records are as good as or better than mine.


Okay, I can’t tell you just what will be going down for the last night of the Slushy Owl residency, but it may include cake, pony rides, clowns (not the scary kind), fire eaters, lots of guitar solos, celebrity lookalikes, those drawings where it’s two images in one depending on how you look at it, kissing booths, another BIG performance, Charo the “cuchi-cuchi” girl, mandatory Simpsons quotes, and live owls flying around the bar all night. Expect at least one of those.