Slushy Presents: Nuggish

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Here’s a little tape I made that’s out today on Tripp Tapes. “Slushy Presents: Nuggish: Artyficial Originals from the First Slushydelic Era” is a garage rock hip hop album: with colons. I got the idea while killing time on tour and discovered I had a music app on my phone that makes loops. So I made some loops then came up with new hooks. Then I drew the drawing that graces the cover. I really like how it all came out, and I’m putting it on the internet for 24 hours, then it’s coming down so I don’t get sued and then famous. 100 cassettes will also be for sale at shows, on and at Bric-A-Brac Records.

1. You Said Never 01:19
2. Knick Knack Paddy Whack 01:49
3. Find My Way 02:00
4. Nobody But You 03:37
5. Ivory Soap 01:28
6. I Gotta Get Away 02:23
7. Lolly Pop 01:33
8. Kiss Me When You Miss Me 01:50
9. Let’s Go 03:06
10. Moving On Over 03:21
11. Do You Believe In Love 01:06
12. Did Drugs 02:50
13. Sweet Thing 01:44
14. Picture Of You 01:28
15. I Can Only Be Me 01:57
16. Find Another Dream 01:32
17. Hurricane 02:53
18. Can’t Stop Thinking About You 02:05