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Beh’ouai is casual French slang for “uh yeah” or “oh yeah” and it’s fun to say it. It’s also the name of the band that Laure and I started. We are recording songs at home at a casual pace and all of them sound at least pretty good. Most of the lyrics are in French and we both sing but sometimes the lyrics are in English, too. If you like pop songs you should listen to it right now!

Slushy Songs

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It’s Wednesday and I’m bored, so here’s an alphabetical list of every Slushy song (so far).

  1. All The Rad Dudes (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  2. Awesome Christmas (unreleased)
  3. Baby With The Big Tape Head (Slushy Yellow, 2011)
  4. Candy (Candy/Pocket 7″/Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  5. Can’t Stop Thinking About You (Nuggish, 2014)
  6. Did Drugs (Nuggish, 2014)
  7. Did You Let Your Hair Grow Long? (Lawn Chair Records Comp, 2015)
  8. Do You Believe In Love (Nuggish, 2014)
  9. Done With Fun (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  10. Down To The Beach (Slushy Green, 2011)
  11. Dum Dum Dude (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  12. Elastic Bones (unreleased)
  13. Elephant (Slushy Green, 2011)
  14. Find Another Dream (Nuggish, 2014)
  15. Find My Way (Nuggish, 2014)
  16. Five Leaf Clover (Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  17. Fun in the Sun (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  18. Good Luck Charm (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  19. Greasy Hair (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  20. Holler & Stomp (unreleased)
  21. Hurricane (Nuggish, 2014)
  22. I Can Only Be Me (Nuggish, 2014)
  23. I Gotta Get Away (Nuggish, 2014)
  24. I Just Wanna Be A Baby Now (Slushy Yellow, 2011)
  25. I Know A Place (unreleased)
  26. I Love The Beatles (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  27. I Wanna Die Young (Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  28. I Wanna Walk With You (unreleased)
  29. Ivory Soap (Nuggish, 2015)
  30. I’m A Disaster (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  31. It Started To Rain (unreleased)
  32. Jaguar (Slushy Yellow, 2011)
  33. Keep You On Your Toes (unreleased)
  34. Kiss Me When You Miss Me (Nuggish, 2014)
  35. Knick Knack Paddy Whack (Nuggish, 2014)
  36. Last Chance (unreleased)
  37. Let’s Go (Nuggish, 2014)
  38. Little Heart (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  39. Little Hoopy Coopy (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  40. Lolly Pop (Nuggish, 2014)
  41. Louie Louie Louie (Nuggish, 2014)
  42. Margo (Slushy Red, 2011)
  43. Midnight Rocketship (unreleased)
  44. Montanaro (Why Pick On Me Vol 2, 2013/Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  45. Moving On Over (Nuggish, 2014)
  46. My Oh My/Hanky Panky (unreleased)
  47. Nobody But You (Nuggish, 2014)
  48. Noise In My Head (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  49. Now I Need You (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  50. NYC Girls (Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  51. Picture Of You (Nuggish, 2014)
  52. Pocket (Candy/Pocket 7″, 2013)
  53. Pony Boy (unreleased)
  54. Reverberations (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  55. Round & Round (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  56. Run Wild (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  57. Seashine (Slushy Yellow, 2011)
  58. She’s Going Away Now (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  59. SF Gals (Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  60. So Happy (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  61. Summertime Girls (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  62. Sunny Pair (All The Rad Dudes, 2012)
  63. Surfin (unreleased)
  64. Surf Riffer (Slushy Red, 2011)
  65. Sweet Potato (Animal Kingdom Tuff & Rumble Vol I, 2013)
  66. Sweet Thing (Nuggish, 2014)
  67. Take Me To The Future (Slushy Red, 2011)
  68. Teenage Frankenstein (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  69. Telegram (unreleased)
  70. Television (Pastime Gardens, 2014)
  71. 2009 (unreleased)
  72. Wet American Dream (unreleased)
  73. When She’s Gone (unreleased)
  74. Why Do You Love Me (Slushy Yellow, 2011)
  75. Wrong Words (Five Little Leaves, 2013)
  76. Up In The Air (Dumpster Tapes Comp, 2014)
  77. You Said Never (Nuggish, 2014)

Rad Dudes Sold Out

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Last summer we put out or first cassette tape “All the Rad Dudes” through Manic Static. If you bought it from us or from the label, thanks! If you didn’t you really missed out because it’s now totally, 100% sold out. Sorry gang! But as always, you can stream it from our bandcamp page and download the files to enjoy on your phone / mp3 player / computer / roomba.


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Jaguar is a song about a car. I think the chords are B, D, E and F#. It features some fantastic guitar playing and some bleep bloop synthesizers.

I think the only words are “I love my car, it’s a Jaguar”, which I sometimes now sign at the end of “I Gotta Getaway”.

Why Do You Love Me?

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Why Do You Love me is a song written in August, 2010 from the chords D, C, G and F. It’s a soul-stirring song in which the narrator tries to determine what characteristics make him favorable to his sweetheart, so he may be able to emphasize these particular traits should things take a sour turn. This song has never had a proper release, just a CDR kinda thing.

Run Wild

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Run Wild is a Slushy song dating from July of 2010. The song is rare is the Slushy cannon, as it features a minor chord (C#m). Other chords used in the song are A, D and E, in their typical major variants.

“Run Wild” was used as the name of Slushy’s summer 2012 tour. The song was recorded for the “Pastime Gardens” LP by Matt Riley.

The song is about eschewing sadness in favor of youthful exuberance.